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20.11.22   >   Love & Money Tour 2023, UK

UK tour dates are now in. There will be 14 concerts in all throughout May 2023. Click HERE for more details and tickets (available from Friday 25 November).

03.11.22   >   New Album On The Way!

Yesterday's announcement of a spring tour next year actually reveals an even bigger announcement: a new album! The album, to be released some time in spring, is called Love & Money, hence the name of the tour. No details yet on what we can expect from this album but y'all gonna know soon as I do.

02.11.22   >   Love & Money Tour 2023

Katie has just announced a new tour for next spring! Just the European dates released so far but watch this space for UK dates and ticket details.

01.11.22   >   The Philosophy Of Modern Song

Goodness me! He may be in his eighties now but old Bob ain't slowing down much. Today sees the release of his new book, The Philosophy of Modern Song. It is a collection of essays on the art and craft of songwriting. I can think of at least one person who is avidly devouring it as we speak! What Dylan doesn't know about the subject of writing songs isn't worth knowing. After all, he is the only songwriter ever to receive a Nobel Prize for his work. I know a lot of people are put off his music by his gravelly voice but any serious student of songwriting is going to benefit from his knowledge. This is a gift to the entire industry.


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