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30.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

29.06.18   >   Katie Bite: Gold In Them Hills

28.06.18   >   Track Notes 20: On The Road Again



Floyd Jones, Alan Wilson




Originally recorded by American blues-rock group Canned Heat in 1967.


 On The Road Again 

27.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

Katie seems to be bouncing back and forth between Georgia and England non stop at the moment. No idea where she gets the energy from. Unless she's eating all these berries...

26.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

25.06.18   >   Coy thoughts...

24.06.18   >   Lyric card: Spider's Web

23.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

22.06.18   >   Track Notes 19: Blue Shoes



Mike Batt



Sheet music:

Blue Shoes at Sheetmusicdirect.com


 Blue Shoes 

21.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

20.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

20.06.18   >   Track Notes 18: Spider's Web



Katie Melua




17th April 2006

UK Singles Chart:



Katie's sixth single and third from Piece By Piece. Written when she was 18, during the Iraq War. It didn't make the Top 40 in the UK but did reach number 2 in Poland.

CD tracks

Spider's Web
Spider's Web (Live)
Cry Baby Cry

Sheet music

at www.scribd.com


 Spider's Web 

19.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

Hard to keep track of Katie at the moment, she's posting from all over the place! It looks like she is back in Tbilisi again from this post yesterday, an absolutely gorgeous black and white shot of her.

18.06.18   >   Helicopter High Jinx

Katie posted a little video on Instagram yesterday. Here she is enjoying a helicopter flight with Lauren Sass.

17.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

17.06.18   >   Katie Bite: Better Than A Dream

16.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

15.06.18   >   Lyric card: Blues In The Night

14.06.18   >   Sketch effect

13.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

Is this where Katie is going to record her next album??

12.06.18   >   Has Katie let something slip?

I tried playing detective on that Instagram story Katie recently posted, hoping she might have inadvertently let some new music out of the bag. Of course, Katie isn't that stupid. She is looking at sheet music for "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Still interesting though: maybe she is going to include a studio version of it on the next album. Just remember, you heard it here first!

11.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

So, hold the front page! Katie is heading off to Georgia to record. This adds weight to my suspicion that she would be working with the Gori Women's Choir once again. That's only speculation on my part, mind you, but since she lives close to a recording studio in London you can't help but wonder why she'd go all the way to Georgia and then not use the GWC. She's touring with them later in the year, remember!

10.06.18   >   Track Notes 17: Blues In The Night



Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer






This is a standard from the Great American Songbook, and has been covered by a ton of people from Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to Katie's idol, Eva Cassidy.

Sheet music

At MusicNotes.com


 Blues In The Night 

09.06.18   >   Lyric card: Halfway Up The Hindu Kush

08.06.18   >   Over to you, lip readers!

07.06.18   >   Katie Bite: The Flood

06.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

05.06.18   >   Lyric card: Piece By Piece

04.06.18   >   Track Notes 16: Halfway Up The Hindu Kush



Katie Melua & Mike Batt




The song was written by Katie and Mike Batt in jest because of the innuendo in the title phrase. Very Carry On! Though how the phrase cropped up during a conversation about scarves whilst on a train journey is anyone's guess. Katie wrote the chorus and Mike the verses.


 Halfway Up The Hindu Kush 

03.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

02.06.18   >   Katie on Instagram

01.06.18   >   Katie Back In Georgia

Katie's latest Instagram post shows her reunited with the Gori Women's Choir on a visit to Georgia.

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