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What's All About Katie All About?

Welcome to All About Katie. This site is an appreciation of Katie Melua - the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter with the caramel eyes and sublime voice, and the finest interpreter of a song I have ever heard.

It is also a repository of information about her music, DVDs, videos, tour dates, images, and anything else of interest to her fans. I have put my heart and soul into this project. Katie has given me so much and this is my way of saying thank-you. I hope Ketefans all over the world will find something interesting here about our favourite artist. Enjoy!


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On Mondays we need Katie more than ever...

31.10.17   >   Happy Halloween!

22.10.17   >   Besides, an aside: B-Sides or A-sides?

19.10.17   >   Interesting...

16.10.17   >   Red sun

13.10.17   >   Video Message from Katie

11.10.17   >   In Winter Special Edition

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