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Katie Melua & Toby Jepson




The first of two songs on the album Katie co-wrote with Toby Jepson. Who he? Well, a hard rocker for one thing, so how he came to get involved with Katie is unclear, though the timeline suggests new hubby James Toseland might have had something to do with it and we know she has the witchy ability to bring out the soft side of metal heads, such as her brother Zurab and drummer Joe Yoshida—both of whom had toured with Toseland. (Worth pointing out that Katie was there first though—Yoshida worked with her as far back as 2012 when he was regularly used by Dramatico and he was even involved as a session drummer on Ketevan, and of course with Zurab she goes back all the way!) To be fair, you could imagine this song being ramped up to a hard rock version quite easily, unlike their other collaboration "Chase Me", which is hyper-girly and sounds like it could have been co-written by John Inman rather than Toby Jepson.


Katie released a video for the song where it is set to scenes from a 1969 Armenian movie, "The Colour of Pomegranates". It begins with a dedication to director Sergey Parajanov, citing him as inspiration for the song. It's fair to say the most common reaction to it will be along the lines of "wtf", but it is worth remembering Katie's Georgian background. You can tell from the church towers that some scenes were shot in Georgia and it is probably more culturally important to Georgians than to the rest of us, though worldwide critical acclaim was generally good and the film has appeared in some lists of the world's greatest films. If this video piques your interest it is worth noting the original movie has now been restored and released on Bluray.
Love Is A Silent Thief


Love Is A Silent Thief