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Love Is A Silent Thief

Katie Melua & Toby Jepson

Love is a deep wound
love is a sharp knife
love is a stranger
when love is a black light

Love makes you weary
love reads the last rites
love should be locked up
love is a parasite

I don’t wanna try and work it out
‘cause it causes too much grief
it’s gonna tear you up and spit you out
love is a silent thief

Love is a banquet
on which we all feast
hungry for more
there’s never enough to eat

Love causes blindness
gives you a cold sweat
love is a language
without an alphabet

All I know is we can’t live without it
falling over our feet
slipping through our fingers as we try to catch it
love is a silent thief

Love is a dry mouth
begging for water
when there’s only oil
it’s getting hotter and hotter

Love is a stopped watch
broken and twisted
when it takes hold
it’s like you never existed

Here I go again falling for it
it beggars my belief
my heart is open and I can’t defend it
love is a silent thief

love is a silent thief