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While working on the new record I got infatuated by the work of a great German choreographer, Pina Bausch. I watched on Youtube as many of her videos of choreography as I could find, the way she scrutinised and perfected her works, the way she stood like a delicate leaf with a cigarette in her delicate hands worrying about the work. ⠀ ⠀ She gave an interview which was cut into by footage of her interacting with a horse, a real one, in her studio. There is this tender and sweet movement of Pina's limbs as she considers the horse and the horse considers her and then we see Pina move a leg, and the horse moves her leg, we see Pina circle her arm and the horse circles her head. In between this scene, we see Pina at her desk, cigar lit, talking about this experience in her soft German accent. She finishes the interview with the phrase 'maybe I dreamt it' and those words rang at me, joined with what I had just witnessed as the seeds of a song idea. I was sure it had the feeling of an echoing phrase; I liked the idea of magic and mystery being experienced but then the speaker questioning and doubting themselves and doubting their ability to communicate with an animal unable to speak our own language.⠀ ⠀ I worked the phrase and idea into a song, and my brother @meluazurab made a sensitive melody for it which fit perfectly. I didn't finish the words, partly because we were exhausted by the day of writing, partly because we were delighted with how the verse and chorus sounded, we didn't want to afflict the piece with our tiredness on that day.⠀

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