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Here you can find all the episodes of Polly and Katie's podcast, The Detail.
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Episode 3 - Shura

"In this episode, we discuss how to begin writing, dealing with sudden success, Writing with Mel C from the Spice Girls How to look after your own mental health in a competitive industry, the pressure of being signed to a major label."

Episode 2 - Jim Sclavunos

"A Conversation between Katie Melua Polly Scattergood & Jim Sclavunos, in this episode we have an insightful conversation about feverish New York in the late ’70s , the No Wave movement, The start of cult magazine “No Magazine” Creating music scene, Lydia lunch’s strong concepts of identity and purpose, Being a key member of Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Sonic Youth Working on the iconic Boatman’s call album."

Episode 1 - Fran Healy

"A Podcast by Katie Melua and Polly Scattergood Featuring special guest Travis Frontman, Singer-Songwriter, Fran Healy. In this episode, we explore intuition whilst songwriting, how to access your own creative space, being industrious, the change in writing traditions, and emotions around releasing records."