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Mike Batt, Nigel Westlake, Richard Maltby




Oh my, Mike Batt worked a little magic on this number that Nigel Westlake had floating around for the soundtrack of the movie "Miss Potter". Nigel had the bones of the song but was struggling to flesh it out so he called in Mike and Katie. With virtually only a few hours to work with, Mike tweaked the song and wrote fresh lyrics along with Richard Maltby. Katie arrived and recorded the thing pretty much instantly and the movie had a classic song under its belt. No one would suspect it was a last minute rush job listening to it. Mike's beautiful lyrics and Katie's timeless performance combine yet again to give the world something simply divine. One of my favourite Katie tracks.


Well now, if you are a fan of a certain Harold Potter and Hermione Granger then this is going to make you melt...Harry and Hermione
but if you are not then here's Katie just giving it her usual effortless sprinkling of stardust...When You Taught Me How To Dance


When You Taught Me How To Dance