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Katie Melua, Mike Batt, Luke Batt




Katie was the filling in a Batt sandwich writing this one with Pops and Junior. And what a tasty concoction they came up with. Another gorgeous song from the mightily impressive Ketevan.
There is something of a French theme going on with this album. "Where Does The Ocean Go?" contains some French words,"Shiver And Shake" contains the word "French", "Sailing Ships From Heaven" bangs on about Paris and some bloke called Jean-Michel (Jarre maybe?), and "Mad, Mad Men" mentions Joan of Arc. I suspect it is all accidental rather than calculated but hey, just thought I'd point it out.


Here's a video of Katie performing the song live mixed with footage of a bloke painting a massive picture. Not just any old massive picture mind, it was one that Katie stood in front of for Ketevan promo shots.Where Does The Ocean Go?.


Where Does The Ocean Go?