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Oh Satchmo! What a wonderful song! Written for the irrepressible Louis Armstrong in 1967, though it feels like a Great American Songbook tune from the 30s, this classic was not an initial success in the US but motored to number 1 in the UK in 1968 and went on to become the biggest selling UK single that year. It has since been recorded a ton of times as well as being used in advertising, television and films.

Katie's version is, of course, a duet with the amazing Eva Cassidy. It takes something special to cover this song after the exuberant original but it doesn't get more special than putting Eva and Katie together. Although Eva died in 1996, technology allows such trickery to be accomplished fairly seamlessly; obviously, Eva's recording is set in stone but Katie could record her bits as often as she liked until she and Mike Batt were happy with the blend. The CD single was released on December 3, 2007 and gave both artists their first, and only, UK number 1 singles. The "B-side" (in quotes because we are talking about a CD) was "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", the subject of the previous track notes (you see—I don't just throw this stuff together you know!)


A few versions of this knocking about, including one where she is accompanied by pianist Lang Lang. But here is a lovely example for Radio m80, accompanied by guitarist Luke Patashnik (who was involved with Katie's latest single, "Airtime". You see, I don't just...)

What A Wonderful World live


What A Wonderful World