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Justin Sandercoe




A melancholy little number by antipodean guitar guru Justin Sandercoe. If the name rings a bell it may be you've tried learning to play guitar with some of his videos or apps. He is a respected guitar teacher (with a certain K. Melua being one of his star pupils). He also toured and played live with Katie a few times in the noughties. If you fancy becoming a pleasant plucker then toddle off to, otherwise please do stay here.
So what of this song then? Well, perhaps one to avoid if you're feeling a tad suicidal to begin with. The song appeared on the B-side (whatever that means in the CD-single era) of "Call Off The Search". Apparently it also appears on the South African release of the "Call Off The Search" album. Quite why is anyone's guess.


Nothing much doing here. You can listen to the song and gaze at some random bit of artwork if you want at Turn To Tell.


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