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Well, hello Luke Batt! Block chip indeed. Pops must have been proud of this one, though it begs the question what else does he have up his sleeve? We may never know now that Dramatico has dissolved and Katie has gone her own way. The engineering on Ketevan may have been awful but in terms of songwriting and performance it was a triumph. I hope one day it will get the proper remastering it deserves.
This was the last single Katie released (not counting the Children in Need charity single, "Fields of Gold"). It was released on 17th October 2013, along with a version of "Alfie" (that's right, the Bacharach song made famous by Blind Date queen Cilla Black). The world failed to catch fire, underlining the suspicion that Katie had ascended to the ranks of album artist. In other words, she has a large enough fan base for her albums to be successful without the boost of hit singles. To remain successful in the music industry without hit singles is a sign you've properly made it.


The official video is simple and effective, showing Katie could have been a fine actress had she been so inclined. The Love I'm Frightened Of.


The Love I'm Frightened Of