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The second of six songs from the album to be released as a single, this one on 10th February 2012. None of them troubled the charts and indeed Secret Symphony spent the least amount of time in the album charts of all Katie's studio albums. The fact that "Better Than A Dream" was released on 9th March, just four weeks later, shows how much they were struggling to gain traction with this material. It is all quality music, of course, but orchestra-backed ballads were just not where the chart music audience were at back then. The fact that a week after this song was released the top 20 singles contained no less than nine songs whose artist had "ft." another artist tells you all you need to know. If this song had been released by Katie Melua ft. Burnt Gristle (or whatever) then perhaps it might have fared better. I guess Burnt Gristle could have been Mike Batt dressed as a hip-hop Womble.


Here's the official video, in case you haven't seen it. And very lovely it is too.
The Bit That I Don't Get


 The Bit That I Don't Get