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Katie Melua & Mike Batt




This is a jaunty little number that will get you shuffling your plates of meat. It seems to be quite popular considering it only appears on The Katie Melua Collection (though there is a live version on the Special Edition of Secret Symphony on the bonus "Live from Berlin" CD). That may be because it was used as a promo single for the compilation album. There is also a fun video of Katie looking a tad Rambo, albeit a few degrees hotter admittedly, and jigging about, in bare feet, obvs, in exactly the sort of dodgy underground club that you wouldn't see me dead in. The highlight though has to be drummer Henry Spinetti in makeup and wearing a fez and loving it all a bit too much.


The popularity of this song is reflected in a bunch of YouTube offerings. Here is the official video: Two Bare Feet
There is also a "Making of" mini documentary
The Making of Two Bare Feet


Two Bare Feet