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Katie Melua




I'm still trying to decide if this one is about a woman daydreaming while she's doing the washing or one that has just murdered her adulterous husband, or both, or neither. I like how Katie's lyrics often leave you with a bit of work to do to form a picture and remain open to interpretation. Compare that with, for example, Mike Batt, whose lyrics often do just what it says on the tin (see what I did there?). I might expand on that thought in a future blog.
Anyway, this song appeared on the CD single of "Call Off The Search" exactly 16 years ago tomorrow. (Yes, I could have waited another day but then that sentence would have been wrong wouldn't it?) Actually, there were two versions released. The other one contained "Turn To Tell" instead. "Why would they release two versions?", you probably aren't asking. Well, if I was an old cynic, and I am, I might suggest it was to boost sales and enhance the chart position based on the idea that gullible nutter fans like me would absolutely buy both versions so as not to miss out on a single track. I know some fans are like that because, well, I just do.


You have to be prepared for slim pickings now we're on to B-Sides. Only thing on offer here seems to be another one of those photo montage efforts with images of Katie and pictures of washing and ironing Shirt Of A Ghost. Not sure if it was meant to, but it made me chuckle.


Shirt Of A Ghost