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Katie Melua & Mike Batt




Yet another corking collaboration between Katie and Mike. Whenever they co-wrote they came up with gems. You'll only find this one, *officially*, on The The Katie Melua Collection, which is a shame since it is a lovely song. But there's an odd anomaly and a long-running saga I've given up hope of resolving: this track appears as a bonus track on the Apple Music/iTunes edition of Pictures. It isn't supposed to. The bonus track you are meant to get is a cover of Prince's "Under A Cherry Moon ". At least, that is the track you see listed in Apple Music. But if you play it you get "Somewhere In The Same Hotel " instead. Go figure. I asked Mike Batt about it and he doesn't know what is going on with Apple but he did confirm that Katie recorded a version of UACM. Presumably it is sat on a shelf gathering dust somewhere, which is a tad frustrating, isn't it? Seems someone must have sent the wrong file to Apple. Anyhow, I've shouted about it a few times and nobody will listen. I assume nobody but me cares. So the lost track may never find our ears. Feel free to cry in your beers.


Not much to see here other than one of those fan videos of random pics of people and hotels made to look a bit video-ish with heavy use of the Burns effect. Still, it's better than nowt and the image and sound quality are decent. One of the images is a tad risqué so hide the kids before watching, or yourself if you're something of a prude. Somewhere In The Same Hotel


Somewhere In The Same Hotel