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Katie Melua & Luke Batt




My word this is a catchy song! It gets your foot tapping from the start but once the syncopated drum beat kicks in adding an almost tribal rhythm it's hard to imagine even the most curmudgeonly grump not leaping up to do a little booty-shaking. Then it all stops for a bit, allowing Katie's vocals to soar whilst the grump stands there rather sheepishly, unsure what to do. Thankfully, the rhythm kicks back in again and the grump can flick his combover about like a L'Oreal superstar before trudging back to his stout and pork scratchings when the criminally short record ends. How I wish there was a 12-minute FatBoy Slim mix of this song.
Some of you may just have breezed past the writing credits, seeing it as another Melua/Batt magical creation, which it is, but the eagle-eyed may have noticed the Batt in question is Luke, not Mike. Yep, Batt junior is a chip off the old block. Luke certainly feels the force, with writing credits on four Ketevan tracks as well as playing guitar, piano and drums. (Mike's daughter Hayley is also a songwriter and a bass player. There must be a music gene.)


A few live performances of this around. One of the better ones is Shiver And Shake live at Rockhal, Luxembourg, 2013.


Shiver And Shake