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Katie Melua & Joel Harries




Sublime song by Katie. It has to be said, the original songs on this album blend in so beautifully with the covers and traditional pieces, which is one of the reasons why In Winter is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Katie's voice always shines the brightest when it doesn't have to compete with a band behind her and this song is a glorious example of that. It begins with gentle acoustic guitar strumming, the regular rhythm of which soon gives you the feeling of gliding across snow in a horse-drawn sleigh. The Gori Women's Choir provide the subtlest of angelic backing vocals, and towards the end you begin to discern the slight tinkling of sleigh bells, reinforcing the sleigh-ride sensation. Add in the minimal crisp piano notes tinkling like falling icicles around you and the wintry imagery is complete. A songwriting masterclass.


No contest about what to show here. The official video by Karni & Saul is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see and fits the song like a glove. Although you'll be doing well if you can get through it without crying, there is still light relief to be found—look out for the toy rabbit drinking tea and then falling over at around 2:08.
Perfect World.


Perfect World