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Mike Batt




Mike Batt has probably written more great songs that no one has heard of than most artists would have on their "Best of" albums. This is another little gem found amongst the cobwebs and dusted off for "B-Sides". The combination of Mike's great writing and Katie's flawless interpretation never fails and this is another example. If this were an Ed Sheeran song everyone would be raving about. I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles. Anyway, I love it. I wish "B-Sides" had been released on CD but I'll be forever grateful it was released at all because it is packed with gold nuggets and I love it to bits.


No video or live performance of this unfortunately, nor even a slideshow, just an audio only offering, but that's better than nothing if you haven't downloaded "B-Sides", though frankly, if you haven't downloaded "B-Sides" then you and I need to talk.
Pictures On A Video Screen.


Pictures On A Video Screen