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Many artists when getting to the final album of a multi-album contract feel jaded with their record company and they can't wait to be free and have a change, which usually results in a sub-standard offering of songs they found down the back of the sofa or cobbled together from the cutting-room floor. Not so with Katie. Ketevan is a triumph—arguably her best album for Dramatico. Whilst it is let down a bit by engineering quality (at times it can sound muffled and distorted on anything but the best audio equipment) the songs themselves are of the highest quality and Katie does them nothing but real justice.
The opening track, "Never Felt Less Like Dancing", is one of the finest songs Mike Batt has ever written, which is saying something. It should be a pleasant listen to just about anyone in possession of a functional blood-pumping organ but if you identify with the lyrics at all then this track will likely become one of your go-to songs for the rest of your life. If you likened an album to a cricket team (which, okay, you wouldn't) then this track would be like your opening batsman scoring a century—the songs that follow are able to relax and enjoy themselves on the back of a solid foundation. Sublime.


Here's an amateur video (hence the forced adjustments as some muppet keeps shoving his head in the way) of a lovely rare live performance of the song at London's Roundhouse in 2013.
Never Felt Less Like Dancing

If you're one of those aliens amongst us that is blessed with the ability to read music (mere humans could not possibly do that) then here is a great vid for ivory-tinklers which displays the sheet music in time with the track being played.
Never Felt Less Like Dancing


Never Felt Less Like Dancing