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We're getting towards the end of B-Sides now but the quality remains top drawer. I can't tell you how much I love this album. Actually, I can, and I have many times, but you know what I mean. It has everything. It's like a box of chocolates where you like every single one. What do we want? Gatefold double album on vinyl. When do we want it? Like, now. A lot of Katie's fans are pensioners and don't do 'downloads'; they need a good old-fashioned way to hear this gem of an album.

Anyway, Looking For Clues. This track is a perfect example of how Katie takes a song, makes it her own and improves it beyond recognition. It was a single for Robert Palmer back in 1980, with a typically cheesy video from the Brown Age of Videos. You can find it on YouTube, but I wouldn't bother. Now, I liked Robert Palmer, and songs like 'Addicted To Love' were great, but the original of this song is pretty insipid, especially when you compare it to Katie's dynamic and catchy version. In fact, I'm surprised it ever got on the radar. I suspect it must have been because of the title—the track was recorded as part of the soundtrack for the 2007 movie "Nancy Drew" about the famous teenage detective. Well, whoever came up with the idea of Katie resurrecting the song was a genius because, not surprisingly, she smashes it out of the park.


No video for this, but you can listen to it on YouTube. Or you could watch the movie "Nancy Drew" and listen out for it.
Looking For Clues


Looking For Clues