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Natela Gelashvili & Anzor Erkomaishvili




This is a lovely Georgian folk song. It is listed as "If You Are So Beautiful" on In Winter and Ultimate Collection but it appears as "Tu Ase Turpa Ikavi" on Live In Berlin. Nothing mysterious about that—it is the romanised version of the Georgian language used, თუ ასე ტურფა იყავი. If you want to know what the lyrics are about then have a look at the lyrics page, which has an English translation. I'm too good to you, I really am.


I just know you are sat there desperately wishing you could hear this Georgian folk song performed by Georgian male ensemble "Rustavi". Well, when do I ever disappoint? Here you go — Davit Gvelesiani - Georgian Folk Song Tu Ase Turpa Ikavi.

Naturally, you're gonna wanna compare it with Katie and the GWC (who perform it exactly 10.73 times better) so here you are.


If You Are So Beautiful