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Yet another masterpiece from Mr Batt. This one was commissioned for the Queen's Coronation Festival in 2013 and it alludes to her in the lyrics but really it is about a mother's love. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the song and its message but Mike had lost his mother (as have I) and for anyone in that position this song can be both a hard listen and ultimately a comfort.

This track was the lead single from Ketevan but despite it being well received at the Queen's Coronation Gala it only dipped into the singles charts at 99 for one week. This was effectively a death knell for Katie's already declining impact in the singles chart, though of course she remains a heavy hitter in the albums charts. It is worth bearing in mind that the bulk of Katie's fan base is over forty—a demographic that is known to be largely indifferent to the singles format—so none of this should be a great surprise.


For those of you that have only heard the album version there is a longer, full concert version which you can see in the official video.
Here too is a video of Katie's faultless performance of the song in front of the Queen at the Festival in 2013 I Will Be There (Queen's Coronation Gala), complete with Mike waving his wand about behind her. Despite Katie's world class performance, look out for this shot at the end of Her Maj and an assortment of family sprogs looking singularly unamused by it.


I Will Be There