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Now this is an oddity. Katie does comedy. Actually, it is a sweet little song about lost love but the combination of the jaunty 1920s ukulele sound and Katie's *sublime* delivery of a couple of clever lines make it highly amusing. Pronunciation and timing needed to be spot on for the gags to work and Katie nailed it. Although Mike wrote it for Katie it wouldn't have been out of place as a Two Ronnies showpiece. He must have been channelling their spirit anyway.

Couldn't let this opportunity pass to remind you of the ringtone I made from this song.

Idiot School ring tone (click the 3 dots to download)


A few fan videos of this knocking about. Here is a good one from a live show in Lyon in 2013. (Nice touch to add a bit of accordion for the French audience, along with Katie doing a little Piaf "la-la-la-ing") Idiot School live.


Idiot School