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A song from a musical "Faust" by the legendary songwriter Randy Newman. The show was based on the classic book by Goethe, one of those that people like to claim they've read but haven't, about God and the Devil. I haven't read the book, nor have I seen the musical but I have heard Katie sing this track and it is quite difficult to see how it ties in with any of that, other than to say, as ever, Katie's version is heavenly. She has such a knack of making songs punch above their weight—this is a pleasant enough little ditty but Katie turns it into something achingly beautiful. I'm beginning to think there's no song she couldn't improve. Except maybe "Gangnam Style".


You shouldn't be surprised that pickings aren't that rich on YouTube given this is a track that only appears on the bonus edition of Secret Symphony. But if you are a fan of soppy romantic "Burns effect" images of hearts and kisses, well then, have I got a treat for you. This appears to have been uploaded by a German fan who has decided to rename the track "Feelings Like Home". Somewhat disappointingly though, Katie doesn't actually sing that.

Feelings Like Home


Feels Like Home