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Bobbie Gentry




Bobbie Gentry's 1969 feminist statement is a lyrical tour-de-force and gives Katie a good vocal dexterity workout in her live version (there isn't a studio recording as far as we know). The song was an even bigger hit for Reba McEntire in 1990. It would have been interesting to see how it fared had Katie released a single of it. No matter. What we have here is yet another treasure from the sparkling cave of B-Sides. One line that tickles me is the one about Fancy owning a "Georgian mansion" — this could have meant either the Georgian period or the state of Georgia but naturally, with it being Katie, I imagine a grand house in Tbilisi!


Nice little vid from the North Sea Jazz Festival back whenever complete with legendary drummer Henry Spinetti and Katie's guitar tutor Justin Sandercoe (adding some dubious falsetto backing vocals). By 'eck, Katie had some swagger about her in them days; she's rather more demure now 😄
Fancy (live).
Here's a slightly better quality one from an AVO Session
Fancy (live AVO Session).