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Another cracking Katie song. When she goes it alone, she more than holds her own. (That would make a good line in a song.) The sixth and final single from Secret Symphony, released on 3rd December 2012. Lovely though it is it was never going to be in contention for the Christmas number 1, apart from in my mind.


A live version for French television. Just Katie and her guitar, showing yet again that nothing else is needed. It has to be said, she does spend most of this video frowning, ostensibly in concentration at the sheet music. I could understand such concentration if the music was unfamiliar but for a song she wrote herself? No matter, even frowning she looks lovely and sounds divine.
Forgetting All My Troubles

It is interesting to compare this performance with the one used for the Official video. Though the montage of video clips is lovely, the track itself, imho, is diminished by the thumping drum playing, which adds nothing to the song and distracts from Katie's nuanced vocals. I know I'm like a stuck record, but a guitar is all the accompaniment required. These two videos demonstrate that perfectly.


 Forgetting All My Troubles