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Peter DeRose & Mitchell Parish




Back to that great old American Songbook we go. This classic was written as a piano piece in 1933 by Peter DeRose. The sheet music sold so well that Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1938 and it has never looked back.

If you're a trivia junkie then how about this: the rock band Deep Purple were named after the song—as unlikely as that sounds, when they were looking for a name Richie Blackmore suggested it because it was his Nan's favourite song and they went with it.

Amongst the many covers are an instrumental version by The Shadows and a duet by Donny and Marie Osmond. What a world. One of the best versions was by Sammy Davis Jr until Katie came along and took the song to a new level, as per usual.


Only offering on YouTube is one of those photo slideshow jobs, mixing pics of Katie with a few paintings. But it's better than nothing. Deep Purple.


Deep Purple