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Katie Melua & Don Black




Another stunner drops off the production line. A song so beautiful that you don't notice it has nothing to do with winter and hence is something of a gatecrasher to the In Winter party. (You haven't read that last sentence.)

You may ask yourself why Katie doesn't write more lyrics herself when the evidence shows she's more than capable. Well, if you could enlist the services of a legendary lyricist like Don Black, why wouldn't you? Black wrote no less than 3 James Bond themes with the godfather of movie music, John Barry. I won't tell you which ones, though you may have guessed one since Katie has recorded it. He also collaborated with Andrew Lloyd-Webber. This should give you an idea of the kind of lofty circles Katie could mingle in, if mingling was her thingling.
So, how did this happy collaboration come about? Well, you'd have to ask them for the gory details but chew on this—in 2013 there was a special concert at The Royal Festival Hall to celebrate Black's work (it was recorded and shown on BBC Four). Black sat on stage and discussed his career with Michael Grade. They paused periodically to watch various respected artists perform his songs. Amongst said artists was our Katie singing "Diamonds Are Forever" in a way that had never been heard before. My guess is that Black had decided he wanted to write for her before she even put her guitar down.


The official video featuring Katie performing with the Gori Women's Choir is exquisitely filmed with some stunning close-ups of Katie and Teona as they weave their magic. Delightful and flawless. Dreams On Fire ft. Gori Women's Choir.


Dreams On Fire