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Without doubt one of the greatest songs ever written. The only way you won't know this song is if you've been living in a cave in outer Mongolia doing needlepoint for the past fifty years. Even then, there's a chance you've heard a passing eagle humming it. For those that feel the need to label everything it is often described as pop with a gospel influence. The reality is that the best songs defy labels and simply blow your mind. Beauty is beauty and transcends pigeon-holing.

I feel so lucky in that there are several songs I really wanted to hear Katie sing and she has kindly obliged without me having to do any grovelling whatsoever. BOTW was a big tick. There are still a few on that list to go but I'm going to stay firm and refrain from begging just yet to see if she gravitates towards them naturally. (She did perform Scarborough Fair from home a couple of times during lockdown but that doesn't get a tick until there's a studio recording.) I know she has plenty of recording years ahead of her, but I have less listening years. Still, que sera sera and all of that.

As for the song itself, well it would be nice to think it popped out of Simon's brain like a perfectly formed jewel but, as is often the case with these things, it began life as a rough diamond. Garfunkel thought Simon should sing lead, Simon thought Garfunkel should sing it all, and there were doubts and deliberations over the lyrics and arrangement. By the time the dust had settled and compromises had been reached, Garfunkel sang most of it with Simon adding harmony on an extra verse at the end just to beef up the finale. In January of 1970 they threw it out to the world, not knowing what to expect (or even if it would get played —many radio stations wouldn't play songs over 3 minutes and BOTW weighed in at 5.) As it turned out, the radio stations wisely decided exceptions could be made and the discerning US and UK public soon made it no. 1 on both sides of the big puddle.


We've had a lean spell with videos over the last few Track Notes but now we have that rarest of treats: an official video! Sit back and melt at the delicious golden caramel delight that is Katie performing this song with the Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Gori Women's Choir. Pure class from the Queen of Interpreters.

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Bridge Over Troubled Water