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French singer/songwriter Françoise Hardy remained in the Top 50 for 15 weeks back in 1965 with this song, peaking at number 16. In 1966 it appeared on her album Françoise Hardy Sings In English in which she, er, sings English adaptations of her French songs. "All Over The World" was originally called "Dans Le Monde Entier". How Katie came across it is anyone's guess (mine would be that Mike Batt stuck it under her nose. He'd have been 16 when the single was released and may well have had a crush on Hardy).

More than half the tracks on Secret Symphony were released as singles but despite the 1965 success, this was not one of them. Interestingly, neither was the title track. We will never know if either would have fared better than the six that were released, none of which proved hits even though the album itself made the top 10. That may have been the catalyst for Katie stepping back from the singles game altogether (Ketevan produced just two, despite having plenty of strong contenders, and In Winter none. It remains to be seen if Katie has become an albums-only artist but if that is indeed the case it is a perfectly viable model that many great artists have successfully adopted. Once you have a solid core fan base then hit singles are far less crucial--In Winter quickly reached silver certification (60,000+ certified UK sales).


No official video but here's the album version set to a few (and I mean a few) photos -
All Over The World

If you fancy hearing the original version check out Francoise Hardy - All Over The World.


 All Over The World