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Aerial Objects

Simon Goff, Katie Melua

Fire and flood in her blue eyes
she said she’s done reading the news sites
I’m here every day working on songs
in case anybody’s listening
but there are moments of connection
when Nina and David are here
the Starman and the rainbow are clear
and the issue can almost disappear
if it could only disappear

Hurricane news in her blue eyes
spending her cash on the good buys
while my rose-tinted heart is imagining
clouds, kites, birds, rainbows
Starman, tree leaves, fireworks
all draw the lines in songs but now on earth

Ingels says we have ways to make a good life
ways to have a fun time too
a richer set of requirements
a richer set of desires
a richer set of new needs

Starman, clouds, kites, rainbows
rainbows, rainbows, rainbows

Starman, clouds, kites, rainbows
heaven, tree leaves
moonlight flying
on rainbows