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Concert Under The Sea

concert under the sea

The Documentary Film

Shot in and off the coast of Norway, it tells the story of Katie setting the Guinness World Record for the deepest underwater concert ever performed, 333 metres below the sea. The film ends with some of the concert footage.

1. Shy Boy

2. Nine Million Bicycles

3. Piece By Piece

4. It's Only Pain

5. Spider's Web

6. On The Road Again

7. I Cried For You

8. My Aphrodisiac Is You

9. The Closest Thing To Crazy

The Extras

1. "It's Only Pain" Promo Video

2. "Shy Boy" Promo Video

3. Stills by Jo de Banzie (during "It's Only Pain" video shoot)

4. Katie Interview: The Gig on the Rig

5. Katie Interview: Singing in the Rain