crossword puzzle


2. Not just kindness and laughter...
6. Only UK female with more consecutive top 10 albums than Katie
7. Producer of Album No. 8
9. Car driven by Katie in "Your Longing Is Gone" video
12. These need a good clean before rolling
13. Katie's new global publisher
14. English vampire fashions
16. A truly global song?
18. TV show Katie appeared on at 15
19. 'cos it's not my fault!
20. Stranglers classic the colour of Katie's eyes


1. Elvis classic covered by Katie
3. More gifted mentor
4. Robbie Williams collaborator who co-wrote with Katie
5. Georgian director of "Your Longing Is Gone" video
8. Tree fit for a King?
10. Former South African President Katie met in 2005
11. For tea be wet
15. Red wolf crept
17. Katie's age at release of "Call Off The Search"