crossword puzzle


2. innate volume hating
4. Katie's No. 1 (with Eva Cassidy)
6. the width of a thread
7. Katie's current record label
9. an album you could live in
10. Sparks flew when this song got remixed
13. Utmost compilation?
14. This stuff makes Katie's strings (and stockings?)
15. Like Elvis had, but not suede
16. cheesy Georgian flatbread
17. Legendary lyricist who worked with Katie on "In Winter"
18. Womble inventor
20. Perhaps Hermione wrote this song for Lisa Batiashvili?
21. Black Sea resort where Katie grew up
22. Bashful Lad


1. Apt song for the Tour Bus
3. Katie covered this Simon &Garfunkel classic
5. informed ears?
8. Life is just a slow train...
11. Katie's mate and "Red Balloons" collaborator
12. "A Love Like That" video co-star
19. flower named after Katie