crossword puzzle


9. How do you make it last?
11. Penguins and cats?
13. There’s no better magic than this city
16. Critter found living in Katie’s ear!
17. Katie’s proper name
18. All over the walls of the…
20. Beautiful country that gave the world wine and Katie Melua
21. Bicycles in Beijing?


1. Singer that inspired Faraway Voice
2. Painted by a third album
3. Children needed this song
4. Katie and Polly let them go
5. Now that I’ve found you I’ll buy the first album
6. Kid brother plays a mean guitar
7. How I’ll let go of you
8. Katie singing is just like a Cure
10. DJ that got Katie under way!
12. Album No. 7
14. I have become…
15. City where Katie was born
19. Alien size?
20. Women’s Choir